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Landscape Architects must be formally trained, apprentice under a licensed landscape architect, and be rigorously tested in all areas of the profession before they can be licensed as Landscape Architects. 

Landscape Architecture is a multi-disciplinary field, incorporating aspects of: architecture, art, botany, horticulture, industrial design, and the environmental sciences.

The landscape architect conceives the overall concept and prepares the master plan. Then detailed construction documents and technical specifications are prepared. Landscape architects can also review proposals from contractors and give input during the construction phase.

The terms, "landscape architecture," and "landscape architect" came into general usage in 1858, when Frederick Law Olmsted used them in his winning bid for the design of Central Park in New York City.

Reasons our clients give for hiring a Landscape Architect:

"I wanted something different"      

"I would never have thought of this and it works so well" 

"We wanted to do it right the first time"  

 "We have challenging drainage issues"   

"We wanted so many things; we needed someone to edit and bring it all together

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